Top 5 Sri Lanka Beaches Best For 2022

Top 5 Sri Lanka Beaches Best For 2022

Sri Lanka is not just a country of history, culture, national parks, and temples. Moreover, it is a country which is fully developed from great coastlines outlining the whole country. Sri Lanka, as an island in itself, is country surrounded of beautiful shorelines which offers wonderful waters and water-activities. See the wonders of this beautiful country not just by its physical features but more of the story behind these beaches. Experience Sri Lanka in the eyes of the locals, leave footprints and bring with you, memories to remember forever. KAS Travels would want to give you top 5 world-class beaches in Sri Lanka.

Here is the TOP 5 World-class Sri Lanka Beaches!

  1. Hiriketiya

If you find a place for escape and relaxation, this place is must try. This horseshoe-like bay will definitely give you an experience you will never forget. It was once a hidden gem of Sri Lanka’s South Coast with few huts; however, it has now become a haven for digital nomads to bring their concrete jungle life to the coastline. Surfing is one of the best experiences you can do in Hiriketiya as it is termed to be the surfing capital of Sri Lanka. If you want to get an experience of gliding with the waves, then Hiriketiya is best for you.

  1. Bentota

Described as a historical placed in ancient messenger poems, Bentota is located on the coastal Southern Rail Line. It is considered to have one of the finest stretches of sand on the west coast. Lined with a wide selection of resorts and hotels that tourists can opt to stay and be accommodated. In the bottom end of the beach is home to some of the most modern and chic hotels under the tall palm trees. If you’re finding a place to do exciting water adventures, Bentota got you covered. Experience kayaking, jet-skiing, and boat-trips on the river. Here you will explore mangroves and get a thrill cruising along its tangled waterways.

  1. Arugam Bay

From the west side of the country, now we go to the other point of east coastline. One of the defining feature of this area the existence of local community which adds up to the beauty and vibrance of the place. Due to their resistance and great love to the area, big developers for hotels were not able to penetrate the area living it as virgin as always. There is this so called Arugam Bay which is popular for independent travelers because of its beauty and charm. This is really suited for those who find comfort for a peaceful and not crowded coastline.

  1. Mirissa

The largest fishing port on the south coast of Sri Lanka. Known to its fish produce such as tuna, mullet, snapper, and butterfish. This beautiful coastline was once hit by a Tsunami which left so many casualties in infrastructures; however, it did not hamper its development. From then on, Mirissa has become more popular due to the live nightlife and whale-watching experience in the area. So, if you want to experience something more different than usual beaches, Mirissa is one for you.

  1. Uppuveli

Popular with its gold-sand shoreline, this beautiful beach line will definitely give you a tranquil and solemn beach experience. Uppuveli is Sri Lankan word for salty open space. This wide shoreline will be very appropriate for couples to hold their weddings and wedding pictorials. The development in the area is booming where hotels and resorts could be found. It will be very nice if you will give this beach a try.

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