Best Time To Take Sri Lanka Holidays For 2022

Best Time To Take Sri Lanka Holidays For 2022

Sri Lanka is very beautiful all year round. However, Sri Lanka Holidays Hub wants to give you a guide and information on what are the things you will expect every month. This will give an idea of the climate, weather, rainfall, and temperature. Since this country is an island surrounded by Indian Ocean and other bodies of waters, it is expected that climate may change unexpectedly. This will benefit you – our valued guests to choose best time for their preference.

Sri Lanka holiday in December, January & February

During this months, Sri Lanka is warm and dry most especially in the central, west, and south parts of the island. Best place to travel during this time is in the Cultural Triangle which is part of Sri Lanka tour. In the Southern part of the country will be very sunny which could be best to try swimming and sun-bathing. However, on the eastern coast, effects of monsoon will be greatly felt.

Sri Lanka holiday in March

During March, it is one of the months when visitors really visit and enjoy Sri Lanka due to its pleasant and sunny climate. The east coast, even with the northeast monsoon, experience warm and dry season which still gives visitors best beach experience. Temperatures during this month is around 30 degrees suitable for tours and walk around places in the country.

Sri Lanka holiday in April

April is when the southwest monsoon begins. During this month heavy rains and choppy seas is experienced in the south coast. Even this may not be too sunny to roam around, however, it will be very appealing to guests who wants to walk during evening as it brings cool and breezy evening feels.

Sri Lanka holiday in May & June

During these months, heavier rains and choppy seas are experienced. This may never be suitable for tours or travel as you will only be feeling wet all throughout the tour. However, this kind of weather is best when you want to have “staycation” in the hotels nearby Sri Lankan seashore. On the other side of the country, in the east coast, the temperature is fairly different as it is warm and dry.

Sri Lanka holiday in July, August & September

In the south, central and west side of the county, the southwest monsoon is still affecting so travelling here in these months is not recommended. However, the east coast beaches are warm and dry, and the north of the island is also pleasant for exploring.

Sri Lanka holiday in October

October is very hard to predict because of the coexistence of two monsoons. During this month, it could be warm and dry and then suddenly gets rainy and then sunny again. October is best avoided for travel because this changing weather condition may be the reason for guests to get flu.

Sri Lanka holiday in November

The southwest monsoon is receding during this month. During this month, it is best to take Sri Lanka trips and go out to see the wonders of Sri Lanka.


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