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Srilanka holidays 2022

Best Time To Take Sri Lanka Holidays For 2022

Sri Lanka is very beautiful all year round. However, Sri Lanka Holidays Hub wants to give you a guide and information on what are the things you will expect every month. This will give an idea of the climate, weather, rainfall, and temperature. Since this country is an island surrounded by Indian Ocean and other […]

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Srilanka Beach 2022

Top 5 Sri Lanka Beaches Best For 2022

Sri Lanka is not just a country of history, culture, national parks, and temples. Moreover, it is a country which is fully developed from great coastlines outlining the whole country. Sri Lanka, as an island in itself, is country surrounded of beautiful shorelines which offers wonderful waters and water-activities. See the wonders of this beautiful […]

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srilanka wedding-min

Thinking of having a wedding abroad

Wedding at Saman Villas With breathtaking views of the aqua-hued waters of the Indian Ocean, waves lapping gently behind and the golden sandy beach a few feet away Saman Villas is the perfect venue to exchange your vow with your loved one. With immaculate romantic setting of the hotel, you can create your customized wedding […]

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srilanka holiday

Travel through the paradise island Sri Lanka and discover tropical beaches, stunning wildlife and vibrant Asian flavours with Sri Lanka Holidays Hub

This eco-island off the coast of India has so much to offer with comfortable average temperatures of 28 degrees Celsius, historic Buddhist temples, lush rainforests with incredible wildlife and exotic plants and huge tea plantations for trekkers to explore. Whether you’re looking for the perfect beach, adventure or luxury holiday, you can have it all […]

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