Thinking of having a wedding abroad

Thinking of having a wedding abroad

Wedding at Saman Villas

With breathtaking views of the aqua-hued waters of the Indian Ocean, waves lapping gently behind and the golden sandy beach a few feet away Saman Villas is the perfect venue to exchange your vow with your loved one.

With immaculate romantic setting of the hotel, you can create your customized wedding according to your wishes whether it is a day wedding or an evening wedding. This romantic boutique hotel in the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka offers the perfect setting to have an intimate wedding ceremony with your partner and make your ‘Day’ full of loving memories in Paradise.

Located about 65 kilometers from Colombo, this perfect getaway offers you the intimate backdrop for your dream wedding as well as your honeymoon with your love one.

You can have a tailor made traditional Sri Lankan wedding conducted on a beautifully decorated platform – the Poruwa , dressed in traditional Sri Lankan wedding attire while being blessed by maidens singing Jayamangala Gatha (traditional Sri Lankan chants) and entertained by traditional dancers to the beating of drums in this romantic ambience.

Why choose Saman Villas for your dream wedding

Saman Villas is the perfect location in this Paradise Isle to have your intimate wedding. The team of experts will assist you to plan every detail of your ceremony including the preparation of the wedding attire according to your wishes, registration of marriage, the marriage certificate, arranging the venue according to your taste, a photographer to capture photos of your ceremony, the cake cutting ceremony, preparing and serving wedding cakes, scrumptious meals for you and your guests.

You can choose a venue for your ceremony from the graceful Mangala Pavilion or the specially designed beautiful timber pillared Garden Canopy.

There are 16 wedding packages to choose such as a Garden Wedding, Garden Wedding by the Ocean or a Beach Wedding.

Garden Wedding by the Ocean

Garden weddings are held in the verdant upper level garden on top of a rock promontory overlooking the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Samana Villas is the only Sri Lankan hotel to offer two purpose built poruwas – the Mangala Pavilion and the Garden Canopy.

Mangala Pavilion

A vibrant celebration filled with the wonder of age old traditions the Traditional Ceremony conducted by a Kapuwa. Decorated with strings of fragrant frangipani flowers, a gokkola platform (made of young coconut leaves) beautifully crafted in a traditional design, gokkola Pun Kalasas (handcrafted traditional symbols) and a richly decorated three tier oil lamp, your wedding will look like a ceremony in heaven.


Garden Canopy

This beautiful structured canopy is set on four carved timber columns decorated on the sides with charming floral arrangements or with delicate strings of beautifully fragrant tropical flowers set up with the breathtaking beauty of the Indian Ocean.

Mehndi Ceremony

A traditional Hindu wedding with a ceremonial art form using henna to draw intricate patterns on the bride’s hands and feet and this ceremony can be arranged according to your wishes.

Registration of marriage

The registration of your marriage will be conducted by an authorized Marriage Registrar.

Cake Cutting Ceremony

You can choose this ceremony to be held in the Garden Canopy or Mangala Pavilion.

Tailor made Weddings and menus

You can create your customized wedding ceremony meal from a comprehensive selection of A la Carte wedding menus.


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